Sunday, November 8, 2009

Modifikasi Motor Honda Tiger Gaya Bike Touring 2010

2010 New Honda Tiger Modified Bike Touring Pictures

Modifikasi Motor Honda Tiger Gaya Bike Touring

honda tiger 2000, honda honda, honda company, motor bike, suzuki, More over about Honda tiger which is now have lower interest for Indonesian people. the lower interest is caused by the engine which is not developed by Honda company. the engine is still the same with Honda tiger which is launch firstly in 90th. the picture above is the modification of Honda tiger motor bike which is looked like Suzuki thunder modification. it is the true male motor bike from honda.

Modifications 2010 New Honda Tiger Revo Bike Touring

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It is the modification of Honda tiger which is modified as an extreme rider. full of art and extremely complicated. can you determine what is the concept of this motor bike. by watching the back of the motor bike which is looked like tank weapon which usually used in the war. It is looked like my friend Honda tiger which is not modified. improvement machine, ahm, moge, speed range, performance improvement, business machines, similarity, chassis, urban areas, sprint, tiger, For business machines, and sasis is not changed. But there are positive things that can be taken here. 2000 Tiger Sasis you a quite evident, especially for use in the urban areas. Although the engine is not known Tiger is so fast and tend to slow, but for use in the city with a speed range of 60 – 80 km / hour guaranteed engine design the early 90an this is still quite adequate. Moreover, given the similarity in the basic design with the 2000 Tiger chassis both machines and make consumers and mechanical AHM is not difficult to replace parts or repair Tiger REVO.

Notes that can be used as is, AHM make motor with enough wonderful at once to cover the performance of the engine a bit less. Goods times AHM deduce from MOGE. Because MOGE generally have a great look and authoritative, MOGE not need to sprint or drag to indicate performance, just enough to be able to view only the performance of the MOGE is. On the basis of thought AHM feel this is enough only change the outside appearance Tiger REVO and ignore the technology and performance improvement machine.

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